Ever wondered what’s in the actual closet of your favorite designers and style icons? Now you can find out with The Coveteur . The Coveteur takes you inside the closets of internationally influential cultural forecasters, showing us what culminates…Read More >


While exploring other blogs I came upon these beautifully simple abstract pieces by  Natural Curiosities . Made of paper, each sheet is made from a combination of raw materials that include mulberry, pineapple and banana fibers, with…Read More >


Hit the jackpot at Zara yesterday at the Houston Galleria!  Click here  to shop online or visit the Galleria to shop these and hundreds of other great pieces!


I’ve been getting a lot of requests for wedding-appropriate attire and accessories, so I thought I’d start doing a weekly post (on Fridays) providing ideas and inspiration for the best outfits and accessories to wear…Read More >

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