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I have a confession to make. My name is Merritt, and I am addicted to Divergent. That’s right, I said it. Last night I saw the movie for a third time and I’m still not over it. I’m on the third (and last!) book in the series and am desperately sad for it to end. With that said, I’m completely enthralled with the characters and am now totally obsessed with Shailene Woodley (pictured above) who portrays Beatrice Prior in the movie. Isn’t she a beauty? Totally a girl-next-door type, which is why I love her. She’s so relatable! Have any of you read the books or seen the first movie yet? If not, you need to. I would kind of compare her to how people compared Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games to Kristen Stewart in Twilight. Shailene kicks all their asses. Period. Anyway, now that you’ve heard my confession, you can all go back to enjoying your Easter weekend! Check out some crazy good sales happening right now below:

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  1. OMGosh! I can’t believe you love that movie too! I went with a bunch of girls to go see it and it was so fun! The guy is soooo sooooo cute! What a great movie! I want to see it again and right now I’m reading the first book because I couldn’t get into it before and I love it! I’m planning on catching up on my reading on my way to Dallas next week! Coffee and this book! So excited! You should read The Shatter me series! SO good! and The Selection series! They’re kind of like Divergent and have a love story which is what i love! I should send you a screen shot of the books. XO

  2. Maggie says:

    I think we should start a fashion bloggers book club! I just recently finished reading the Divergent series – you will have to let me know what you think of the ending!! I wasn’t such a huge fan of the movie, but nothing ever beats books for me! I love all of these sales! Thank you for sharing :)


  3. Maya says:

    I still need to see Divergent! I’ve heard good things, but I need to get my bootay in gear :) Thanks for the reco, lady! xx

  4. Ah! So glad to hear it’s good! I really wan’t to get into the Divergent movie and books too. I read all three from the Hunger Games series in like a week. Haha


  5. Sarah Rose says:

    I am obsessed too! I read all three books in two days – I couldn’t put them down. The movie was amazing and I have been thinking about going back for round two! xoxo


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