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This Los Angeles weather has been too good to me. This is my first warm-weather trip this summer, so I’m basking in the sun and all it’s glory while I’m here! I’m staying in an adorable apartment in Manhattan Beach (thanks AirBnB! email me if you want the details), so I plan on spending a little time on the beach each day I’m here! Whether that’s a long walk in the morning, or laying out and catching some rays, I’m taking it all in.

On trips like this one, there are several items I like to bring with me. First, I love to pack the essentials like these Commando thongs – they look great under everything since there’s no lace or any texture to them. These thongs really lie flat against the skin and can be worn with even the thinnest, most unforgiving fabrics. As far as bras go, this lace bandeau by Hanky Panky is a good, light choice for wearing under breezy tanks.

For clothes, gauzy sundresses and little crocheted minis are my favorite and the easiest way to pack. All you need are shoes and a bag, and you’re good to go! My go-to travel heels are my Givenchy block-heeled sandals, but these rockstuds would do in a pinch! The block heel makes the shoes more sturdy, making them twice as comfortable as the other heels in my closet.

While I do have a couple meetings planned, this trip is mostly a vacation. I’m really, really talented at turning any trip into an opportunity to work, so I’m forcing myself to shut it down and just enjoy. I’m not completely unplugged though, so be sure to follow the fun on Instagram!

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