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Yesterday on SnapChat (username: merrittbeck) I announced a new idea for my newsletter! For those of you already subscribed, you know I send out my blog posts daily, as well as the occasional sale roundup and my weekend reading list, Six Things To Know Before You Go… Starting this coming Sunday (the 21st) I’ll be introducing a new, ongoing newsletter exclusive. I haven’t figured out what I want to call it yet, but it will be a Q&A format, featuring ALL of your questions and my answers! I’ve already got a list going of the questions I received over on SnapChat yesterday, but email me, tweet me or send me a message over on SnapChat to submit yours! All topics (aside from politics or religion – yikes!) are fair game.

Every week I’ll choose 3-5 new questions to answer each week, so if your question doesn’t get answered in the first edition, stay tuned! As I mentioned, I’m hoping this will be an ongoing, weekly newsletter exclusive where you can get your questions answered and get advice on things you never even knew you needed! If you’re not yet subscribed to my newsletter and want to be part of this weekly Q&A, click here to enter your info and stay tuned for the first round on Sunday! The answers will not be posted anywhere else!

Let me know what y’all think about it – can’t wait to start sharing more with you!

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