Allison's Fall Favorites | The Style Scribe

Hey guys, it’s intern Allison here! This fall I will be fully embracing the velvet, fall florals, and embroidery trends we’re seeing everywhere. I will not be going overboard, however. I think doing less is always best when it comes to trends. Sticking with neutral colors and classic shapes is a great way to ensure you’re going to get more than one season’s wear out of piece. Velvet might be a one-season trend, who knows, but a pair of black velvet skinny jeans are going to look just as good on you this year as they will the next. Because they’re a classic silhouette they’ll still look current and fresh, season after season! A bright cobalt velvet dress would be fun for this fall, but it might look like a costume piece next year, so it may not be worth the splurge.

Regardless of the trends that I will be sprinkling into my wardrobe this season, my favorite thing about fall is that for the most part, styles are pretty standard. Summer is so much harder. Different style tops, dresses, skirts, shorts, and sandals go in and out of style every single year. Fall stays the same. A couple of great staples and you’re well dressed for every fall to come. A solid jean collection, a few comfortable sweaters, a couple of options for boots, and maybe a leather jacket or two, and BOOM: you’re dressed for September-November (or January here in Texas!). That’s what makes fall the perfect time to invest in some quality pieces you absolutely love. They’ll be ones you’ll have for years!

Shop some of my favorite fall pieces below – I’ll be back soon with tips on what to wear to a college formal, so stay tuned!

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