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Happy Tuesday, friends! Per usual, Dallas weather has been up and down over the last week. One day I’ll be wearing a dress in 80 degree weather, and the next it’s 50 degrees and I’m reaching for a turtleneck. It’s sort of exhausting… just pick a season already! In this weird in between weather, I...Read More →
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testing out crop flare jeans

As someone who gravitates towards classic silhouettes, I sometimes find it hard to commit to super trendy pieces. Case in point: the crop flare denim trend that’s all over the place right now! I personally feel like the skinny jean is the most flattering style for my figure, simply because I have small calves and...Read More →
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what I learned from doing whole30

Sugar addiction is very real. If you read the Whole30 book , it gives you insight into what you can expect from the four weeks you do the challenge…¬†two of which include sugar withdrawals and a carb flu. I had very real hangover symptoms for about four days: I woke up with bad headaches, a little nausea (never...Read More →