Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons, The Edit

This week’s EDIT is inspired by the Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons collection, specifically the Van Gogh pieces. I love how this color scheme looks both fresh and crisp, while also looking rich and bold at the very same time. When I was in NYC a couple weeks back, I stopped in the exhibition space on Madison to see the entire collection in person! My favorite item was the Van Gogh Neverfull, featuring an optional pouch you could use as a clutch. The interior also features a portrait of Vincent Van Gogh and a little bio on Koons! I also really, really loved this silk scarf. So beautiful! Sadly I didn’t leave with any of the pieces, but a girl can dream, am I right?!

If you adore this print + color scheme as much as I do, check out these other pieces to love in yellow, turquoise, blue, and green!

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