the best shopping in palermo soho

I’m still working on a little Buenos Aires guide for you guys, but in the meantime let’s chat about one particular area you need to hit up if you plan to shop! My mom, sister and I spent several hours walking around the hip neighborhood of Palermo Soho. The area is mostly known for it’s...Read More →
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a few recipes I’ve been loving lately

After returning from Argentina, I knew I was in need of a serious diet detox. Practically all we had was meat, bread and wine for an entire week! While there were veggies and salads peppered in there, it definitely felt like a carnivorous and indulgent trip. On top of that, I hadn’t been eating that...Read More →


I rarely wear cowboy boots around Dallas, but the second an opportunity comes up for me to wear them, I pull out my trusty City Boots ! I have The Western , which has been such a comfortable, stylish and versatile pair to have for trips to the ranch and getaways like this one to Argentina. What I love in particular...Read More →
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