Switzerland Packing List for August Trip | Travel Style

As you guys already know, I’m headed to Switzerland in exactly two weeks! I’ve never been before, so you can imagine how excited I am. I’ll be staying in Zurich, Bern and Geneva and taking day trips from each of those cities! So many of the trips I take are in bustling cities (which I love), but I’m looking forward to getting outside and really enjoying the crisp air and scenery on this trip. I’ll be going on a few different hikes throughout my trip to experience the best of Switzerland summers, so earlier this week I made a few purchases to make my hikes a little easier.

First, I ordered a few different pairs of hiking boots to try. I ordered this pair, this pair and this pair, and will be returning the two that don’t work. I’ve been told I need to break them in before I hike, so looks like I’ll be walking around my house in hiking boots for the next two weeks! I also purchased some wool socks and this backpack, which features a special back-zip section for my DSLR camera. I’ll also be keeping other important things like a copy of my passport and money in that section, since you can’t get to it unless I take the backpack off. Such a genius idea!

Per your suggestions on Instagram, I also ordered these Nuun tablets, this compact first aid kit, this whistle, a LifeStraw, collapsible trekking poles, sanitizing wipes and a flashlight. I want to keep my backpack as light as possible, but also want to make sure I have some necessities in case I find myself in a tricky situation! The trails I’ll be doing are of easy to moderate difficulty so I don’t imagine I’ll have any issues, but better safe than sorry. Luckily all the items I purchased are teeny tiny (did you catch my InstaStories yesterday?), so hopefully my backpack will still have plenty of room for the most important thing: SNACKS! Also, I felt sort of silly buying all of this stuff for one trip… that is until I realized I’ll also be hiking in Colorado when I go to Vail in September! Looks like I’ll be getting some good use out of this stuff right off the bat.

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