How did you guys do during Cyber Week?! I just started receiving some of my orders yesterday, and am really pleased so far! I also just got my new camera in the mail, and let me just say… Christmas came early! I was planning on saving up to buy it after first deciding I wanted to upgrade a couple months ago, but then last week I noticed on Amazon that I could pay for it in monthly installments vs a lump sum without interest…. what is this madness?! This offer only applies to select items and can change without notice, so I decided to go for it. Doing the smaller monthly payments for five months was WAY easier to swallow than the giant lump sum! I noticed the offer right below the “add to cart” button on the camera’s product page, so that’s where I’d keep an eye out if you’re shopping on Amazon for bigger ticket items this holiday season. Anywho, I thought that was such an amazing offer and I’m thrilled to have my new camera already!!! Hopefully this info is helpful to you guys as you continue shopping for family and friends this holiday season!

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