I’ve never been much of a hat person. Sure, I own a few, but it’s a rarity that I ever pull them out and actually use them. Mostly I think it’s because hats don’t look good on me – I don’t have thick hair, so anything that flattens my hair any more than it already is can’t be a good look, right? But there is a new trend on the block that I am wholeheartedly happy to participate in. Hair accessories are BACK!


Whether you want to achieve Blair Waldorf vibes with a stellar headband or just add a slight change to your everyday hair look with a cute barrette or adorned pin, there’s really something for everyone here. When ordering items for my trip, I found this darling knotted headband and this pearl + crystal barrette. I’m not bringing the barrette on this trip, but I definitely packed the headband! I absolutely love the print, and the fact that it’s black and white makes it easy to wear with a bunch of items in my closet. With my hair short, there’s not a whole lot I can do to mix it up aside from curling it or wearing it straight, so a headband is the ideal solution to jazz up my look from time to time.

Shop more of this season’s best hair accessories (at a variety of price points!) below to try the trend for yourself!

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