I may be back from France, but clearly still inspired by Riviera style with this week’s EDIT! I wish this hat in particular had been available prior to my trip – I’d been on the hunt for a good boater hat but couldn’t find one I loved.

Believe it or not, I’m actually leaving town again this Friday for my annual family trip to Carlsbad, California. We usually go in July, but decided to switch things up and go a bit earlier this year! While I wish I had a little more time to get back into my routine after the big France trip, I’m looking forward to being in Dallas most of July. I almost always spend my birthday in California due to this family trip, so it’ll be fun to celebrate it in Dallas with my friends this year!

PS: Check back on THE SHOP this afternoon/evening, as I’ll be updating it with a ton of fresh finds from the past two weeks!

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