Happy Halloween!! Feeling very inspired by this warm color palette for fall, so I thought I’d do what you might call a mini capsule. What’s great about all of these pieces is how effortlessly they can be styled with each other! I’m currently working on the holiday capsule and think I need to add some warmer tones (it’s looking very all one color scheme right now), so may take a nod from this roundup!

If you haven’t seen my past capsule wardrobes, you can check them out here and here. They’ve been some of my most popular posts to date, with this post being pinned to Pinterest more than anything else on my website!!! Stay tuned for more details on when the next one will be released, but I’m hoping to share it right before all of the big holiday sales in mid-November!

PS: Just a reminder that THE SHOP is still a must-visit on my blog! My assistant Liza has been updating THE SHOP with my favorite finds from the web each and every week! I find them and then she updates each section, which has been a huge timesaver for me – as seamless as that part of my site looks, it’s actually pretty tedious as you have to create, upload and link each thumbnail individually. So click here to keep your eye on THE SHOP every week for new arrivals! And a big THANK YOU to Liza for taking that off my plate!

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