Feeling neutral for THE EDIT this week, but if you want color be sure to check out TuesdayTen later today on Instastories (or THE SHOP)! After a very rainy Saturday, the weather really brightened up and is supposed to be lovely all week. It’s really getting me ready for pool season, even though I don’t have one. I’m actually thinking of ordering a kiddy pool Reeses and I can play in this summer… is that weird?!

Speaking of Reeses, I took her to another vet appointment on Monday where she received her final shots. She’s now ready to be around other dogs, which is so exciting! We don’t have to avoid people on walks and she can meet all of my friend’s dogs! Looking forward to getting her socialized, although I don’t see it being an issue for her. She loves everyone she has met so far! Once things start opening back up, I’ll be eager to take her for lunches on restaurant patios and to Mutt’s Canine Cantina too.

What are you guys looking forward to this summer?

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