Now that I’m back from Austin and have no plans to leave town again anytime soon, I’m settling back into my regular routine. Ever since Liza came on full time at the beginning of June, I’ve stepped back a little from working so much and been much better about my work/life balance. Getting a dog helped with that too, as she was very time consuming in those first several weeks! While we’re definitely in a better groove now, there are still some kinks to work out. As Reeses gets older I won’t have to watch her as closely and take her out on as many potty breaks, which I think will make me more productive throughout the day.

While I still work quite a bit on Sunday like I did before, I generally only work while Liza is at my house during the week. When she leaves at 5, I stop working (aside from posting on InstaStories). I have to admit, I’ve been loving the more relaxed schedule… but I do feel like I’ve been slacking a bit these last several weeks and want to ramp things back up again! I didn’t work AT ALL while I was in Austin, which was the perfect way to reboot for a fresh start this week. Anway, that’s what’s been going on around here! I hope you love this week’s off-white EDIT, and be sure to check out TuesdayTen on InstaStories today!

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