Happy Tuesday! I know I’ve been sharing a lot of fall content lately, and it’s definitely a tease. At least for those of us in Texas and other warm locales! While I’m eager to pull out my #NSALE purchases and old fall favorites like sweaters, boots, capes, etc, it’s just not cool enough to do so just yet. So this week’s roundup features some pieces most of us can wear now! The puffer vest is definitely pushing it for Texas, but if you work from home you can probably get away with it. It’s super lightweight!

It’s been a minute since I last promoted TSSEdited, so I wanted to shout that out as well. There is SO much good content right now! In case you missed it, TSSedited is my other Instagram account sharing daily collages featuring daily outfit ideas, budget-friendly roundups, interior inspiration and more! A few recent collages I’m loving include this, this and this. We’ve officially gotten over the 10,000 followers mark and have started doing swipe-ups in addition to linking everything in the app… so now it’s even easier to shop your favorites! Click here to follow us on Instagram and shop!

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