Now that I’m in my new house with a gym that is *not* in my dirty garage, I’m feeling more motivated than ever to work out every day! I’ve been loving trying some of Peloton’s newest offerings like the Bike Bootcamps and Barre classes this week. While in Austin I also tried the treadmill bootcamp classes because my mom has one, and now I’m more eager than ever to buy one for myself! They are amazing! Just like OrangeTheory, minus the rowing… which I wasn’t a fan of anyway. I was going to buy a Peloton tread, but now I can’t decide. I’m going to be installing a TV in the room to stream all of the workouts, so it’s not like the Peloton screen is necessary? We’ll see. If you have any specific feedback about the Peloton tread (or any other treadmill brand) please comment below! I need help!

Anyway, all this fitness talk has inspired me to do a roundup of some cute activewear looks! I almost always wear black, but for those of you who prefer a little variety I threw in some navy and neutrals. Enjoy!

PS: I was going to do an At Any Age post today, but couldn’t get it figured out! I missed one in September with everything going on, so will try again next week ;)

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