It’s finally here! The last month of 2020 has arrived! This year has been a doozy for everyone, and while I don’t expect 2021 to be 100% better or back to normal, I have hope it’ll be better than 2020 has been. I surprised myself by actually buying all of my holiday gifts during Cyber Week, so I’m heading into December on a solid note. I’m that person who usually waits until the last possible second to buy gifts… gift giving/receiving is *not* my love language, and I’ve never been very enthusiastic about the process. Something about it just stresses me out! So I’m relieved to have found all of my gifts already, and most I was able to snag on sale thanks to Cyber Week!

If you are still on the hunt for present picks for the men and the kiddos in your life, those gift guides are coming this and next week… stay tuned! Click here to check out the 2020 gift guides I’ve already published!

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