Last weekend was a good mix of relaxing and fun! I had my old neighbors over for drinks to see my new digs, tried some new air fryer foods and watched a lot of scary movies. While I wouldn’t say I *love* scary movies, I just hadn’t seen one in a long time and really went for it on Saturday and Sunday. I watched Train to Busan, The Invisible Man, Run, and I See You – all very frightening, and all of which I watched in the middle of the day. Definitely can’t watch these kinds of movies at night! I also watched the new docuseries on Netflix, Night Stalker, about the serial murderer of the same name. It’s only a few episodes long and really well done! I highly recommend it if you’re into true crime.

I also attempted my first tread workout post ankle injury on Sunday, and was delighted to discover I can run again! I opted for a shorter class (30 minute bootcamp!) and didn’t push myself on speed, but I’m glad to know I can start weaving running back into my routine. I was pretty tight and sore from that bootcamp, so I only did an arm workout yesterday! I’m still doing my best to listen to my body and really only work out when it feels good. Same goes for food! I did a pretty decent job last week on eating less, but didn’t do so well over the weekend. I definitely realized I’m better at it when I’m busy! Sitting at the TV all day doesn’t help, unsurprisingly. I’ll be sure to keep y’all updated on my progress!

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