Over the last couple of years I’ve done a better job at investing in quality jewelry. I personally prefer earrings and rings to other jewelry items, so that’s generally what I spend my money on! While I do still buy cocktail and more inexpensive jewelry online, I’ve found the most special pieces at small, local jewelers – for example, William Noble in Dallas, and Cayen Collection or Fourtane in Carmel. While these estate jewelers showcase a bunch of expensive fine jewelry (think $10,000+ diamond pieces), you can also often find more approachable investment pieces as well.

The diamond + pearl climbers you see in the first photo are ones I found in 2019 at William Noble. I wasn’t even shopping for jewelry, but instead getting a ring I was gifted resized, when I came across them! I loved that they were timeless and elegant, all while also feeling fresh and modern. These climbers make a statement, but are subtle enough to wear daily! And wear them daily, I have. They’re now one of my go-to styles and I am constantly getting questions about them! After owning them for a few months, I finally found out who the vendor was – Lexi Mazz. She and I are now connected and she’s since gifted me another piece from her collection! I’m such a fan and highly recommend checking out her website if you’re looking for fine jewelry with a similar vibe.


More recently I picked up the C-shaped diamond earrings you see in the photo above from Cayen Collection in Carmel. I fell in love with the unique shape, and the fact that they sort of curve around your ear. I can’t link these, but if you’re interested, contact the store and mention me to order! While both of the pieces I mentioned in this post are still an investment, I thought I’d round up similar styles at a more approachable price point below! All of the earrings linked below are under $400, with most being under $100.

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