Over Easter weekend I surprised my mom by coming to Austin! I hadn’t planned to because we’re traveling next week and wasn’t sure I wanted to do a back-to-back trip with Reeses… but my sister and I discussed it, and we decided to make it a whole thing to surprise my mom. We even got Morris in on the secret! It was such a fun, special weekend with my family and I’m so glad I went. Now that all of us are fully vaccinated and the CDC has announced it’s okay for vaccinated people to travel, we’ve decided to do a little trip just us girls to Palm Beach next week! We leave Saturday, and I truly cannot wait for some warm weather and to experience sand between my toes again. Even though each of us has been vaccinated, we’re all still wearing masks and will take every precaution while we’re in Palm Beach! We may do some shopping, but mostly I’m excited for the pool/beach, amazing meals not cooked by me, and spending quality time with my favorite people.

Needless to say, I’m feeling very beachy this week and inspired by all the warm weather finds!! Make sure you’re following us on @TSSedited too for more resort and summer picks!

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