It took me awhile to find the right piece for my entryway, as it’s a very narrow spot! After not having luck after my usual furniture searches, I spent two entire days combing through the internet, filtering by size, color and style. I knew I wanted drawers for storing/hiding small things like guest keys and other little items, which made the search all the more challenging! I taped and re-taped the area to see what pieces might work in such a specific space, and finally settled on this gorgeous piece from Kathy Kuo Home. It’s like this piece was made for my entryway space! The dimensions were quite literally perfect, and I got the drawers I wanted for storage. The piece is an antiqued grey color, and features elegant gold hardware on the drawers and base. It’s a pretty lightweight piece (love when I can move things myself!), but very well constructed! I’m very happy with it and think it looks totally gorgeous in the space!

I ordered several new coffee table books a couple weeks back when my coffee table arrived, but decided these would look better on the console. I’ll probably throw a candle on top of the book stack along with the framed cross and tray, but I link it looks pretty solid right now! Scroll down for more photos and to shop everything you see here! I’ve had the framed cross and Paris tray for years, and unfortunately can’t link those. The gold vase the faux orchid is in was actually from a gifted live orchid arrangement, so I can’t link that either I’m afraid!

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