I kind of can’t believe Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away! I’m actually not going to Austin this year, but instead driving to my stepdad’s ranch to celebrate the holiday. It’s in Burnet, so still a similar distance drive from Dallas! I’m planning to spend Wednesday-Sunday there, which will be a nice break from city life. I’ll be packing up my favorite cowboy boots, cozying up by the fire and most importantly, eating all the beige carbs! Depending on how the temps are looking, I’ll likely pack a few easy dresses like this, as well as sweaters and jeans to wear with my boots. This dress is so soft and comfortable! The perfect day to night style for fall. It’s not denim, but it definitely has that look if you’re eyeing the details! A cute dinner look for the ranch, don’t you think? Reeses is coming with me, and I bet she’s also looking forward to some fresh country air – even if she doesn’t know it yet. Let’s just hope the ranch WiFi stays solid for my Black Friday shopping!!!

If you’re on the hunt for some Thanksgiving outfit inspiration be sure to check out this, this, this, this and this! @TSSedited is one of my other Instagram accounts totally dedicated to shopping and style inspiration. We share three new collages every day Monday through Friday, so there’s a lot of exclusive content there! From sale picks to daily outfit ideas, there’s something for everyone. You can shop everything you see on @TSSedited here!

PS: I have a major podcast episode coming out tomorrow! I’m sharing my entire experience with my egg retrieval and egg freezing, from the moment I decided to do it, to the post-retrieval follow-up call I had with the doctor this week. It’s a lot of personal information, but I wanted to share in case it might be helpful for any of you ladies considering it! Click here to subscribe to my podcast on Apple Podcasts (and here on Spotify!) to get notified when the episode hits. Can’t wait to hear what y’all think!

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