With 4th of July just a few weeks away, I figured I’d put together a mash-up of a little red, white and blue! I’m also working on a Reels video with some 4th of July outfit ideas for any occasion – make sure you’re following me here so you don’t miss it when it launches! I’ve been trying to be better about creating video content lately, which isn’t something I’m naturally very good at… but I’m trying, y’all!! Click here to check out the videos I’ve shared so far.

After a fun episode with my hair colorist and friend, Monte, last week, on the podcast this week I’m discussing the irritating things in everyday life that make us all irrationally angry. I shared a frustration of mine on Instagram a couple weeks ago, and then I opened up to my followers to share what makes them irrationally angry – the responses had me *cackling*, so I decided to put that crowdsourced content to good use and dedicate an episode to it. Let this week’s hilarious episode be an escape for you from the never-ending horrible news cycle! Click here to listen now!

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