If you can believe it, I’m flying out for my first solo international trip since COVID began tomorrow night! I went to Mexico in March for a wedding, but traveled with some friends of mine… so that doesn’t count. Before the pandemic, I was traveling constantly, especially internationally! I would fly somewhere new almost every month from spring until early fall. I have so many wonderful experiences under my belt, thanks to the freedom this job has given me to travel so much! While I doubt I’ll be traveling as much as I did prior to the pandemic (I do have a dog now, after all), I’m excited to dip my toes back in with this trip to London and Paris! Make sure you’re following along on Instagram to see what I get up to on my trip.

Because of my travel plans, this week’s podcast episode is all about how I pack for a trip, prepare for a long haul flight, my airport routine and more! There are lots of great travel hacks and an inside look into exactly what I do pre, during and post flight to make it the best trip possible. Tune in here to listen!

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