I had the BEST time in California last week and was originally sad to come home, that is until I experienced temps in the 50’s on my walk Sunday morning. I couldn’t believe it was that cool already this early in the season! October is usually a toss-up in terms of temps – some years it’s hot as hell, others it cools quickly. I’m thrilled it’s already getting cooler, as I’ll be able to wear my new fall fashion purchases earlier than expected! I’m ready for sweater weather, if you couldn’t tell by this EDIT.

On the podcast this week, we’re talking keeping up with fashion! From discussing the latest trends to considering what’s worth investing in vs saving on, it’s a style centric chat you’ll want to hear. I also answer a bunch of listener questions including what denim styles are worth buying right now, how to stay stylish at any age, and so much more! Tune in here and let me know what you think by writing a review!

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