Earlier this week I finished Danielle Prescod’s highly anticipated memoir, Token Black Girl, and absolutely LOVED it. It’s a heartfelt and honest look at her experience being the token black girl all her life, from her upbringing and education in a mostly white, affluent community, to her career in the fashion industry at various magazine publications. It was such a great read with so many important takeaways, so I can’t recommend it enough!! I talked quite a bit about it in this week’s podcast episode, so check that out if you want a more thorough review.

Reading the book also reminded me I haven’t done a Black-owned brand spotlight in a bit, so figured this would be a great time to showcase some new faves! I want to specifically spotlight Brother Vellies, who has the most amazing fall/winter collection this season! Below are a few favorites to check out:

In addition to what’s highlighted in the collage, don’t miss the additional finds below:

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