If you’re like me, you enjoy getting organized at the start of a new year. Whether that means cleaning out your fridge or purging your closet, removing excess is a great way to get things feeling streamlined and organized around your house! If you’re going through your closet trying to decide what to get rid of vs what to keep, be sure to review this blog post on my closet clean out process. Lots of great tips in there for making the most of your closet purge!

While some of you may be wanting to trim things down in your closet, others may be eager to stock their closet with more wardrobe staples and timeless basics. Thanks to fast fashion, people are buying and throwing out things quicker than ever before. A lot of that has to do with people constantly buying trends that don’t have staying power, but it also comes down to quality and whether people are buying pieces that last. Not every fast fashion purchase is a mistake though! Some of my favorite sweaters are finds from H&M and MANGO from years ago. I always hold onto neutrals and everyday staples much longer than I do with more colorful or trendy items! So if you’re on the hunt for some useful styles that will last, don’t miss this fresh roundup of basics for the new year! I’ve linked even more chic styles at a variety of price points below.

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