How are we all feeling week two into the new year? I’m feeling particularly good, seeing as I’m not drinking and I’m eating the healthiest I’ve eaten in awhile. It’s amazing what being consistent for even one week can do! It’s given me a renewed sense of inspiration and motivation for keeping up these healthy habits, even when I’m tempted by desserts, pizza and fried chicken, like I was at a party on Monday to watch the National Championship. Last year my January was quite the opposite – I was going out a lot and not eating particularly well, and I also got COVID for the first time… so already I feel like 2023 is off to a better start!

This week on the podcast I’m chatting all things wellness! I’m sharing an update on my current fitness routine, talking about what my January reset looks like, and answering a bunch of listener questions on the topics of diet, health, fitness and wellness. I also share a recap of my trip to Carmel over New Year’s Eve, along with several great new recs and reviews in the form of books and TV shows! Click here to listen to the latest!

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