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shredded brussels sprouts salad with bacon

I found this recipe via Pinterest last year and it’s been a staple ever since! It makes an enormous amount of salad, so I generally make it when I’m planning on feeding a few people – while it does do … READ MORE

weekend cozy

Happy Friday, y’all! I’ve gotta say, I’m really looking forward to the weekend. While going to Austin last weekend was so much fun, I’m excited to wind down and relax this time. Two of my best friends are in New York this weekend, so I’m taking these next two days to re-charge and refocus myself. READ MORE

new video // three easy beauty looks for valentine’s day date night!

I was going to wait and post this next Thursday, but after showing some sneak peeks on my Snapchat, a few of you asked for it early! Your wish is my command. In case you missed it, I launched a YouTube channel in January with this video as my first! If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll subscribe to my channel to stay in-the-know with all the latest content! My first video was very bare bones, seeing as I had zero experience shooting or editing video – yikes! This second video is MUCH better, in my humble opinion. READ MORE