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new video // three easy beauty looks for valentine’s day date night!

I was going to wait and post this next Thursday, but after showing some sneak peeks on my Snapchat, a few of you asked for it early! Your wish is my command. In case you missed it, I launched a YouTube channel in January with this video as my first! If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll subscribe to my channel to stay in-the-know with all the latest content! My first video was very bare bones, seeing as I had zero experience shooting or editing video – yikes! This second video is MUCH better, in my humble opinion. READ MORE

five beauty products I just can’t live without // a video

Happy Thursday! Today I am over the moon excited to share my FIRST EVER video! For those of you who’ve been following along on my Snapchat already (username: merrittbeck), I’ve been talking about doing this and adding more video content … READ MORE

best of beauty: face masks

If you followed me on Snapchat (username: merrittbeck) while I was abroad, you’ll know I picked up an obsession with face masks. I found them extremely necessary with all the travel and flying I was doing – my skin was … READ MORE