my all time favorite face masks

I’ve had a few requests on SnapChat , YouTube and for Beck and Call to showcase my favorite face masks and what I love about them/what they do for my skin. Instead of a video, I thought it would be nice to do a post on the blog… simply because I don’t always remember to say what I...Read More →
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new year, new me (sort of)

January is the ideal time to reset, recharge and cleanse your body and mind so you can take on the new year. If you’re subscribed to my newsletter or follow along on SnapChat (merrittbeck), you’ll likely already know I’m sort of detoxing the *entire* month of January. I’ve decided to take the Whole30 challenge and cut out alcohol, dairy,...Read More →
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holiday gift guide // for the beauty addict

I always, always, ALWAYS ask for beauty items for Christmas. Makeup, fragrance and beauty/hair tools are all necessary evils, but tend to be pricey when you’re looking at your monthly budget throughout the year. Asking Santa for a few of those things is a great way to lessen your load throughout the year on things...Read More →
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