how to get a silky, straight blow-out

You talked, I listened! I want to thank those of you who shared feedback on my most recent beauty video . Your honest comments on my video was incredibly helpful! The reason I’ve gotten so much positive feedback on my SnapChat is because I’m always just talking to the camera – there’s no script, nothing fancy; it’s just me. I tried...Read More →
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summer beauty edit

Since summer is officially here, I wanted to share a few products I’m loving right now and will be using all season long! From heat-ready makeup and products to keep your blonde hair bright between appointments, I’m rounding up all my summer favorites over on YouTube . Click here to check out the newest video, and subscribe to never...Read More →
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dove love your hair

How do you feel about your hair? Everyone has their own personal critiques and opinions about their own hair, and seeing celebrities, models and bloggers all dolled up with perfect hair on Instagram and SnapChat obviously doesn’t help. Personally, I wish my hair were a bit thicker – on the flip side, women with thick...Read More →

packing for a weekend trip

This post would’ve probably been more helpful last week, as I imagine most of you are doing something fun (and are likely somewhere else) for Labor Day weekend, but since I left for Krakow last night, I guess it’s timely for me! I’m not sure about you, but I grew up with the Longchamp brand . Ever since I can...Read More →
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fall/winter hair

Right before fashion week I decided to take my hair in a different direction - for the longest time I've always gone for a more warm, honey blonde but I've decided to be brave and test out a more icy blonde look. Since it's so warm in Texas for most of the year, the honey blonde has worked and looked great (thanks, Monty!) since I'm also able to have a little color in my face (and thanks to you, Dr. Dennis Gross!).Read More →


I don’t often talk about my hair on the blog, simply because there’s not much to say. I really only ever style it two ways (straight or curly) and I’m not very creative (or talented) in coming up with and doing new hairstyles. I’m horrible at doing any kind of braid, my hair is too...Read More →