dallas event // new diptyque store at northpark!

If you’ve followed this blog since day one, you’ll know how much I love Diptyque candles . They’ve been featured on many an EDIT and the perfumes have been highlighted in several of my past beauty posts . Not only are the scents incredible, the bottles are luxurious and beautiful, adding a stunning accent to your bathroom, nightstand or desk. The candles last a long...Read More →
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With spring getting into the swing of things (and swimsuit season right around the corner), I've stepped up my workout game up a notch. While giving my diet a complete makeover has made a huge difference (I'm serious - if you're struggling like I was, just ditch the carbs), getting serious with my exercise has been just as crucial. Ya, I was going to PureBarre 3-4x a week, and yeah I was eating healthy, but I also really needed to throw more cardio back into the mix.Read More →

dallas event // get red carpet ready!

With the Oscar’s this Sunday and wedding season right around the corner, it’s time to book your next brow appointment! Keeping my brows clean and defined is definitely a chore for me, simply because my hair is so light and I have a lot of it. I want them to look perfect, especially since emphasis on thick, manicured...Read More →