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what I learned from doing whole30

Sugar addiction is very real. If you read the Whole30 book , it gives you insight into what you can expect from the four weeks you do the challenge… two of which include sugar withdrawals and a carb flu. I had very real hangover symptoms for about four days: I woke up with bad headaches, a little nausea (never...Read More →

huevos rancheros with la vaquita queso fresco

If you follow me on SnapChat , you likely already know how much I love to cook! In addition to making it easier to stay healthy on the reg, cooking provides me with a sense of accomplishment. It may sound silly, but as someone who works at the computer all day long it’s nice to have...Read More →

a bar cart essential: absolut lime

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m always that girl who orders a drink and requests extra limes when at dinner or out with my friends. Like, multiple limes. Sometimes three or four. It’s a little absurd, but I just love the refreshing touch it adds to whatever cocktail I’m drinking! In addition to giving the...Read More →
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