an update on whole30 + a few recipe faves

I’ve received a bunch of questions regarding Whole30 since I began the challenge on the 4th, so I’m working on a few different posts for you on the topic! Today’s post is to share a little bit of an update and a few of my favorite recipes I’ve made this month. Here’s a list of the...Read More →
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fig & thyme cocktail

If you know me, you’ll know there’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting by a warm fire with a cocktail in hand. As soon as the weather dips below 65 degrees, I turn my fireplace on. I know it’s a little ridiculous, but I just LOVE it. While I’m definitely not the hostess with the...Read More →
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a crustless quiche for sunday brunch

You may remember me whipping up this crustless quiche over on SnapChat about a month ago? I baked it again while I was in Austin per my mom’s request. It is SO GOOD. Not only that, but it’s pretty healthy (aside from the cheese). Definitely bookmark this recipe for the next time you plan to make brunch at...Read More →

a nice autumn meal with mom

I LOVE cooking. Whenever I have access to a kitchen, I cook. Even when I’m traveling! Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy hitting the town and going out to eat, but there’s something incredibly satisfying about crafting a meal from start to finish and then savoring every bite of your success. I also find it way...Read More →
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shishito peppers

I’ve always loved ordering shishito peppers at restaurants for an appetizer, but for some reason never considered cooking them myself! A couple months ago while I was picking up ingredients for another recipe, I stumbled upon a bin of these yummy green peppers at Central Market. I decided to go ahead and fill up a...Read More →
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favorite smoothie recipe

Just in case you missed my Snaps last week, I have terrible lighting in my current abode. There is almost zero natural light, which makes taking photos inside extremely difficult! It’s either too bright because I’m so close to a window, or too dark because I’m too far away from one. There’s really not a...Read More →
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cabbage soup

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Cabbage Soup Diet, and I just want to preface this post by saying that’s not what this is and I’m not advocating any type of intense diet. I just happen to love cabbage and I also happen to love soup! Cabbage is vitamin- and nutrient-rich, as well as having...Read More →

a refreshing summer cocktail

With the plethora of weddings and vacations throughout summer, it’s often hard to get my group of girlfriends together all at one time. That’s why I always like to plan a little gathering for catching up over cocktails! Right now Texas is in its sweet spot – it’s not too hot yet (surprisingly), which means it’s...Read More →
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