celebrating the new house with rueda verdejo wines

Y’ALL! We are getting SO CLOSE! Things at the new house are coming along at rapid speed, so of course I’ve been bringing my friends by every chance I get to show them the progress. A couple weeks ago I invited two of my blogger buddies over to see the updates and show them the...Read More →
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food diary: what I eat throughout the week

A question I’ve received over and over again the last several months is what I eat during the week, and whether I could share a food diary on the blog! I’ve shared my favorite recipes from time to time (like these Whole30 go-tos ), but have never really given you an inside look at my schedule and day-to-day...Read More →

what I learned from doing whole30

Sugar addiction is very real. If you read the Whole30 book , it gives you insight into what you can expect from the four weeks you do the challenge… two of which include sugar withdrawals and a carb flu. I had very real hangover symptoms for about four days: I woke up with bad headaches, a little nausea (never...Read More →

huevos rancheros with la vaquita queso fresco

If you follow me on SnapChat , you likely already know how much I love to cook! In addition to making it easier to stay healthy on the reg, cooking provides me with a sense of accomplishment. It may sound silly, but as someone who works at the computer all day long it’s nice to have...Read More →

a bar cart essential: absolut lime

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m always that girl who orders a drink and requests extra limes when at dinner or out with my friends. Like, multiple limes. Sometimes three or four. It’s a little absurd, but I just love the refreshing touch it adds to whatever cocktail I’m drinking! In addition to giving the...Read More →
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an update on whole30 + a few recipe faves

I’ve received a bunch of questions regarding Whole30 since I began the challenge on the 4th, so I’m working on a few different posts for you on the topic! Today’s post is to share a little bit of an update and a few of my favorite recipes I’ve made this month. Here’s a list of the...Read More →
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fig & thyme cocktail

If you know me, you’ll know there’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting by a warm fire with a cocktail in hand. As soon as the weather dips below 65 degrees, I turn my fireplace on. I know it’s a little ridiculous, but I just LOVE it. While I’m definitely not the hostess with the...Read More →
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a crustless quiche for sunday brunch

You may remember me whipping up this crustless quiche over on SnapChat about a month ago? I baked it again while I was in Austin per my mom’s request. It is SO GOOD. Not only that, but it’s pretty healthy (aside from the cheese). Definitely bookmark this recipe for the next time you plan to make brunch at...Read More →