my favorite podcasts and a few recent audiobooks I’ve enjoyed!

MY CURRENT FAVORITE PODCASTS If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve likely heard me talk about my love of Podcasts! I listen to them all. the. time. They keep me company on walks, I listen when I’m getting ready in the morning, when I’m flying somewhere new, lying by the pool, and really anywhere else...Read More →

the best tv shows to binge watch

I’m generally someone who likes to be outside, but when I have some free time or am feeling sick or sluggish, a good old TV binge is just what I’m looking for. Working from home has also allowed me to rack up some extra TV viewing over the past four years, but I can only...Read More →
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I love books – not just coffee table books, but I’m talking good murder mysteries, psychological thrillers and sometimes a great love story. Regardless of what I’m reading, I like my books to be organized, whether it’s cookbooks in the kitchen, large photography or fashion hardcovers on the coffee table, or my before-bed reads on...Read More →