ashikaga flower park

If you’ve been following my travels this past week on InstaStories, you probably saw some pictures from our day at Ashikaga Flower Park ! You may have also seen we had a little mishap in actually getting to the park itself. What should have taken two hours to get there from Tokyo ended up taking four!! We had...Read More →
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now is forever

Hellllooooooo, from Tokyo! After a couple of really early mornings, Jessica and I are officially on the right time zone. On our first full day back in Japan, we didn’t plan out anything too crazy just in case we got tired and needed to rest. But rest we did not! We walked nearly 25,000 steps...Read More →
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my favorite white tees this season

If you’ve noticed I’ve been keeping things pretty simple and wearing a lot of basics (and repeat offenders) lately, you’d be right. I have so many new pieces I’m excited to share with you, but wanted to wait until I was in Japan to shoot them! So I’ve been making do with some old favorites...Read More →
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