shishito peppers

I’ve always loved ordering shishito peppers at restaurants for an appetizer, but for some reason never considered cooking them myself! A couple months ago while I was picking up ingredients for another recipe, I stumbled upon a bin of these yummy green peppers at Central Market. I decided to go ahead and fill up a...Read More →
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favorite smoothie recipe

Just in case you missed my Snaps last week, I have terrible lighting in my current abode. There is almost zero natural light, which makes taking photos inside extremely difficult! It’s either too bright because I’m so close to a window, or too dark because I’m too far away from one. There’s really not a...Read More →
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cabbage soup

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Cabbage Soup Diet, and I just want to preface this post┬áby saying that’s not what this is and I’m not advocating any type of intense diet. I just happen to love cabbage and I also happen to love soup! Cabbage is vitamin- and nutrient-rich, as well as having...Read More →