Buenos Aires

the best shopping in palermo soho

I’m still working on a little Buenos Aires guide for you guys, but in the meantime let’s chat about one particular area you need to hit up if you plan to shop! My mom, sister and I spent several hours walking around the hip neighborhood of Palermo Soho. The area is mostly known for it’s...Read More →
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spring skort

Something really gross but also hysterical happened before my sister and I shot this outfit. Long story short, I stepped in dog poop. I’m not going to go into the graphic details, but let’s just say it could have been a day-ruiner. Life is all about choices. How you choose to handle a situation, what...Read More →
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army skinnies

I LOVE wearing jeans, but every now and then I like to mix it up with a new color or fabric. I’m not sure why, but there’s something about this military green hue that makes me think of Argentina! As you read in this  EDIT , I was on the hunt for a couple items in...Read More →
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staud: the moreau bag

Today we are heading back to Dallas after a really fun and relaxing time in Argentina! I didn’t take a ton of photos while there, mostly because I was told me numerous people at the hotel and on the street not to bring my camera with me – apparently snatch-and-grab robberies are really common when...Read More →
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Yesterday I returned from my week-long trip down to Argentina! I’m so excited to share the photos I took while at Guayascate – more outfit posts to come, so stay tuned! The sultry dining room overlooking the beautiful view. The wine room. Every meal was delicious – I’m pretty sure we had dessert every single...Read More →


T he entrance to Recoleta Cemetery – it was a strangely beautiful scene. I highly recommend going if you are ever in Buenos Aires! I was completely mesmerized by this particular spot – you could see the beautiful stained glass via the cross on the opposite door. Spectacular! One particularly large tomb in the cemetery. A...Read More →


Here’s my first outfit post from Buenos Aires! Having walked right off the plane to stroll around the city, I opted for a comfortable look. Jeans, a tank and a scarf to start and topped it off with a heavy leather jacket from All Saints. We did quite a bit of walking so I chose...Read More →


HELLO, from Buenos Aires! The last two days have been spectacular and I’m excited to share the first activity from the day we arrived. A family friend on the trip with us scheduled a time for us to tour the US Embassy in Buenos Aires and have coffee/ treats with Ambassador Martinez. The building was...Read More →