6. Friendships and Life Stages

In this week’s episode, Merritt discusses her current struggle with making social plans thanks to a dwindling number of single and/or childfree friends! She dives into the transitions friendships go through as you enter various…Read More >

5. Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Merritt starts off the episode with a number of random personal updates – egg freezing, laser hair removal, a celebrity sighting in Dallas, and more! She also tells a gross little tale about a discovery…Read More >

4. The Year Of Ruts

In this week’s episode, Merritt starts off with a few *very* personal updates… TMI, in fact. She also gives a more thorough review of Squid Game, the Korean horror show on Netflix she’s been watching,…Read More >

3. Great Expectations

In this week’s episode, Merritt discusses timelines and dealing with other people’s expectations of you. She talks about what her own expectations were when she was younger and how they’ve evolved, being single in her…Read More >

2. You Better Work

In this episode, Merritt shares an update on her quick but fun weekend trip in Austin, and a solid hangover cure she discovered on her visit! She goes through her favorite Emmy’s red carpet looks…Read More >

1. Origin Story

On the very first episode of the Beck and Call Podcast, Merritt introduces herself and shares what to expect from this podcast and forthcoming episodes! She shares a brief history of her life up until…Read More >

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