In this episode, Merritt shares an update on her quick but fun weekend trip in Austin, and a solid hangover cure she discovered on her visit! She goes through her favorite Emmy’s red carpet looks and the one outfit that makes her cringe. As a true crime fan and follower, Merritt also touches on the current Gabby Petito case everyone has been talking about. For the meat of the episode, Merritt chats about all things work – her experience working in a regular office setting vs working from home, her best tips for staying focused and being productive wherever you are, and her rambling thoughts on “hustle culture” from the perspective of a self-employed blogger/influencer. She also chats about her experience with ADHD growing up and how that’s effected her work over the years!

In this week’s Beck and Call segment, Merritt answers questions on fall wedding guest style and her own recent experience with taking the high road. Call into the Beck and Call hotline at 214-620-0473 to ask Merritt anything!