the edit

How’s everyone adjusting to the site design? Hope it’s been an easy transition for ya! With the new layout change, THE EDIT and other collage posts will now just feature a sneak peek of products on the home page. To see all the items featured on my weekly most-wanted list + information on the week’s best sales and events, you’ll simply have to click on the image above or click “READ MORE”. READ MORE

shiny and new

Surprise!! For the past month, I’ve been working with my girl Blair on a site update that I couldn’t wait to unveil! Today’s the day people. While I loved my previous design (also by Blair), I wanted to start the new year with a fresh look. Not a whole lot has changed, so I hope it didn’t totally throw you off and that it’s easy for you to get acquainted! However, I do want to point out a few of the changes to make it simple for you. My #1 goal for this site is for the imagery to be the focus. I really want the pictures to pop off the page. With this latest site update, I’ve added a “READ MORE” function to each post – this will help keep the site looking clean and uncluttered (I tend to go on multiple-paragraph rants), and puts more emphasis on the featured image of that post and the tools for you to easily shop that post (without having to read scroll past paragraphs of text, if you don’t want to). If you’re interested in seeing more photos of the look or you’d like to read the rest of the content in that post, simply click on “READ MORE” and you will be taken to the full blog post! Let’s try this, shall we? To read about the rest of the changes happening on the blog, click the following “READ MORE” button >> READ MORE

{ shot by Mara Ferreira }